Bidika's Story

Bidika and her On the Road academy pose for a group photo

When Bidika enrolled in On the Road as a 7th grader two years ago, she had no idea the organization would soon become one of her favorite places and give her the tools to pursue her dreams.

At that time, Bidika had just moved to the United States from Nepal. She has loved On the Road since the beginning because she gets to spend time with her friends and take different career classes. Bidika credited the organization for the opportunities she has had to explore new subjects and even helping discover her “dream job.”

Bidika talks to an On the Road youth

“If I wasn’t in On the Road I wouldn’t know anything about law. My best friend and I say that we are going to be lawyers together. If I wasn’t in the law class right now, I wouldn’t know where to start or how to go down that path. On the Road has helped me realize that I want to be a lawyer.”

Bidika described the organization as helpful beyond the career classes, and as a place where she is comfortable and content. On the Road has become the place where Bidika feels most secure at school, and has helped her express herself.

Bidika smiles while cooking with On the Road

“On the Road means a lot to me because I’m an introverted person. I don’t even speak a single word in some of my classes. So the only time I speak a lot is at On the Road. On the Road has changed my high school experience. Everyone makes me feel a lot more comfortable with coming to school.”

photo of ashley bove

Ashley Bove is the contributing author for this post.
Ashley is a Senior at James Madison University studying Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communications and is serving as a Communications Intern with On the Road Collaborative this fall.