Our Promise Makers

Our promise makers are true champions of our mission. And thanks to their meaningful commitment, we’re creating a better future for us all.

Promise Makers are our volunteers and donors who make a substantial commitment to our organization and choose to use their time and resources to support our work.

By stepping up and championing our mission, our Promise Makers become our partners as we work together to set our youth on the road to college and career.

At the conclusion of our program year, we personally recognize each of our Promise Makers who made a meaningful contribution to our organization during that time. Individuals or groups are recognized if they meet any of the following financial or volunteer commitment levels.

Giving of finances

Giving of time

Meet Our 2020-2021 Promise Makers

  • Abe Shearer
  • Active Engagement
  • Adam and Christy Savanick
  • Alden Hostetter M.D.
  • An Anonymous Fund of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County
  • Andy Vanhook and Mistie Aistrop-Vanhook
  • Angel Moreno
  • Anicira
  • Barbara Simoncelli
  • Blakemore’s Flowers
  • Blue Ridge Community College
  • Brad Cohen
  • Brandon Higgins
  • Brent Holsinger
  • Brian and Angie Davis
  • Brothers Making a Difference, Inc.
  • Carole Nash
  • Charles Leach
  • Chiedo John
  • Chris Orem
  • City of Harrisonburg
  • Climate Action Alliance of the Valley
  • Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County
  • Connie Hess
  • Craig B. Tate Foundation
  • David and Helen Penrod
  • David Curtin
  • DBE Photography
  • DeAndrae Powell
  • Debra Fitzgerald
  • Devon Anders
  • Diane Foucar-Szocki
  • Digital Minerva
  • Ed and Zizi Sipe
  • Elizabeth Girvan
  • F&M Bank
  • Friendly City Dance Room
  • Friendly City Food Cooperative, Inc.
  • Friendly City Inn
  • Funkhouser Real Estate Group
  • Gaines Group Architects
  • Generate Impact
  • Gerald Toni
  • Glass & Metals, Inc.
  • Good Wealth Management
  • Grant Penrod
  • Greg Keim
  • Harman Construction
  • Harrisonburg Baptist Church
  • Harrisonburg City Pubic Schools
  • Harrisonburg Fire Department
  • Harrisonburg Parks & Recreation
  • Harrisonburg Police Department
  • Harrisonburg Radio Group
  • Harrisonburg Women’s Service League
  • James Madison University – College of Education
  • James Madison University – Furious Flower Poetry Center
  • Jersey Mike’s Subs Harrisonburg
  • John Downey
  • Jon Ernest
  • Jonathan and Christine Coddington
  • Josh Shank
  • Karen Gardner
  • Karen Mooney
  • Knapp’s Bees, LLC- Tom & Krisin Knapp
  • Kris and Brittany Ortiz
  • Larson Wealth Management, LLC
  • Lawrence Webb
  • LD&B Insurance and Financial Services
  • Locally Owned Domino’s
  • Madylin Croy
  • Magpie Diner and The Perch
  • Malcolm and Judy Sullivan
  • Mark Gabriel
  • Mary Hairston
  • Marybeth Showalter
  • Massanutten Resort
  • Massanutten Technical Center
  • Matt Leech
  • Melody Pannell
  • Meredith Katz
  • Micaela McMullan
  • Micah Corder
  • Michael Gochenour
  • Michel Mitri
  • Mike, Alysia and Emme Davis
  • Mike and Annie Frazier
  • Mother Bear Traditional Healing Arts
  • Nathan Maust
  • Nicolette Myers
  • Nonieqa Ramos-Richards
  • Owen Longacre
  • Prepopsterous
  • Quinton Callahan
  • Rea Family
  • Rhodenizer Construction Company, LLC
  • Rick Castaneda
  • Riner Rentals
  • Rockingham-Harrisonburg SPCA
  • Rocktown Family Dental Care
  • Rocktown Rotary
  • Ross Gulliver
  • Ruthie Bosch
  • Ryan Maringola
  • Ryan Slocum
  • Sarah Featherstone
  • Scott Rogers
  • Shannon Dycus
  • Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition
  • Shonta Sellers
  • Skyy Brinkley
  • Steven Toyota
  • Susan Lottridge
  • Todd Gardner
  • Travis and Corrine Loan
  • United Bank
  • United Way of Harrisonburg Rockingham County
  • Valley Engineering
  • Valley Mall
  • WHSV


Join our group of dedicated partners today and help make sure our youth become the leaders they’re meant to be.

If you’re interested in becoming a Promise Maker and want to discuss the best way to support On the Road, please contact Brent Holsinger, our Founder and President, by email: brent@ontheroadcollaborative.com or by phone: 540-246-9210.

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