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Programs designed to empower and connect.

We believe a complex problem requires a multi-faceted solution, which is why we’ve designed programs that work together to holistically address our youth’s needs and carry them throughout their entire middle and high school career.

On the Road: 6th and 7th Grade Programming

For our 6th and 7th graders, who are still transitioning to middle-school and all the independence that comes with it, we believe they simply need a welcoming and inclusive space that allows them to investigate their place and the many paths available to them. We call our introductory programs “On the Road” as a way of sharing our name and core values with as many young people as possible.​

In our introductory programs, we serve more than 100 sixth and seventh graders per school and support them through academic coaching and Career Enrichment Courses. We believe these programs are about setting the foundation for our youth to succeed throughout our programs and later in life, so we focus immensely on building authentic, supportive relationships and creating the inviting after-school space that On the Road is known for.

8th & 9th Grade Academy

The name of our programs for our 8th and 9th graders, respectively. These began as a way to differentiate our middle and early high-school programs, which provide increased opportunities for our youth as they prepare to transition to high school and move through the more rigorous and independent high-school experience.

Both programs have a set curriculum that focuses on the following:

  • Personal Development
  • Community Building
  • Success Skills
  • Future Planning

Our curriculum was based on extensive research as to what youth most need during these pivotal years, as well as our own observations during the first years of On the Road. We believe strongly in this aspect of our programs because it’s what helps us truly support the well-rounded growth we hope to see in each of our youth.

Both 8th and 9th Grade Academy meet twice per week, with one day devoted to Career Enrichment Courses and the other day focused on this curriculum. College trips are also included as part of these programs. 

10th, 11th and 12th Grade Academy

The names of our program for our upper-level high-school youth, with names aligning with each academic grade level of our youth. These programs focus more on post-secondary preparation, with presentations and lessons from local professionals or speakers; topics are focused on preparing for life after high school and past presentations have included discussions on financial literacy, community service, how to pay for college, resume building, and interview skills, among others.

These programs also offer youth the opportunity to do 6 college trips per year, including an overnight college tour during spring break to visit both in- and out-of-state colleges around our region. 

Our approach to supporting upper-level high-school youth is based on extensive research as to what youth most need during these pivotal years, as well as our own observations during the first years of On the Road. As we continue our programs each year, we are always responding to what our youth feel they most need as well.

10th, 11th, and 12th Grade Academies meet weekly, but these youth still have the opportunity to participate in Career Enrichment Courses if they choose.

English VOICES Club

VOICES Club is offered at each of our program sites and provides students an opportunity to improve their English, write creatively, and grow with their peers. VOICES meets two days per week after school.

Contact: Deanna Reed, Director of Community and School Partnerships, for more information and questions: [email protected]

University for Parents (UP)

University for Parents (UP) provides educational classes for parents and family members of Skyline and Thomas Harrison Middle Schools and Harrisonburg High School students. UP consists of three 6-week rotations of classes (fall, winter, spring). Class topics include: high school readiness, college & career, advocacy. Skyline Literacy also offers a free English class as part of UP.

UP classes take place on Saturday mornings from 10 a.m.-12:00 p.m. at Harrisonburg High School.

Contact: Jessica Mendez-Thompson, University for Parents Coordinator, for more information and questions: [email protected]

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