On the Road for 6th and 7th Graders

Our introductory programs for middle schoolers

Our 6th and 7th Grade programs help expose underserved youth to a variety of career opportunities and hands-on learning experiences in a group setting led by caring adults, who work together to actively close the learning gap that many of these young people experience. Programs meet after school four days per week, with half of the afternoon focused on academic support and the other half devoted to our Career Enrichment Courses and helping our youth develop real-world skills.

Based on years of research and our own experiences with this age group, we focus on the following areas of development for our 6th and 7th graders.

Career Exploration

The main focus of our introductory On the Road programs is to provide a variety of Career Enrichment opportunities. Each semester, youth get to choose up to four Career Enrichment Courses that they’re interested in, which allows them to pursue new and interesting topics through hands-on learning experiences. Youth who participate in our programs for multiple years will have been able to take around 10 career enrichment experiences, each 10-weeks long, which results in a massive amount of exploration!

Community Building

One of our defining values is our commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, led by a network of caring adults. Our passionate Youth Leaders and Community Teachers work together to provide support and guidance during these critical years as youth acclimate to a new school environment and become more independent. Through building this relationship-centered community, we can meet youth where they are and actively close the learning gap, while providing them a safe place to go after school.

Success Skills

To help our youth succeed at school and beyond, we provide academic support, including tutoring opportunities and additional access to their teachers after school. We also provide opportunities for youth to learn and develop time-management and studying skills, strategies for staying organized, and important leadership skills, including teamwork, responsibility, and communication.

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Our programs for early middle school are held four days a week at three local middle schools (Skyline and Thomas Harrison in Harrisonburg City) and (Kate Collins in Waynesboro City). Programs begin when the school day ends, and conclude with dismissal around between 2 and 2 1/2 hours later.

Typical 6th and 7th Grade Middle School Program Schedule





At School Dismissal:

Check-In & Snack (20 mins)
Youth Leaders take attendance and connect with youth.

Academic Support (60 mins)
Each day with On the Road starts with homework, reading, and study time. Youth have the opportunity to get help from school-day teachers and program tutors so that they can receive one-on-one guidance and continue to advance in their academics.

Career Enrichment Courses (60 mins)
Our unique, 10-week long programs that expose youth to hands-on learning experiences taught by our Community Teachers. Through a carefully developed curriculum and the instruction of caring professionals, these courses empower our youth with a clearer understanding of their interests, skills, and future pathways. With around 12 classes offered each semester per site, including classes on banking, healthcare, and cooking, youth have a range of options and can choose courses that interest them.


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“The thing I’ve learned with On the Road that will help me the most is not to give up on yourself and always try new things,”

— Syrinus, On the Road youth



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