Our Team

Meet Our Amazing Leadership Team

Working Together to Empower Our Next Generation of Leaders

Brent Holsinger

Brent Holsinger

Founder and President

Deanna Reed

Deanna Reed

Director of Community and School Partnerships

Emani Morse

Emani Morse

Director of Middle School Programs and Data

Kerry Morgan

Kerry Morgan

High School Program Coordinator

Akiel Baker

Akiel Baker

Middle School Site Coordinator

Kishia Taylor

Kishia Taylor

Middle School Site Coordinator

Jessica Mendez-Thompson

Jessica Mendez-Thompson

University for Parents (UP) Coordinator

Kristi Van Sickle

Kristi Van Sickle

Emerging Chefs Coordinator

Meet Our Board of Directors


Brent Holsinger (2021)

President & Founder

On the Road Collaborative

Todd Gardner (2023)

Vice-President & Treasurer

President, Glass & Metals, Inc

Nicolette Myers (2023)

Secretary Bookkeeper

Sustainable Solutions of Virginia


Chris Orem (2021)


Institutional Research, James Madison University

Connie Hess (2021)

Partner/General Manager, Valley Engineering

Dr. Diane Foucar-Szocki (2022)

Professor, College of Education, James Madison University

J. Chiedo John (2021)

Senior Engineering Manager, GitHub
Founder, Generate Impact

Jonathan Coddington (2022)

Employment Benefits Division, LD&B Insurance and Financial Services

Marybeth Showalter (2021)

Director, Human Resources
Eastern Mennonite University

Quinton Callahan (2023)

Lawyer, Clark & Bradshaw, PC

Rick Castaneda (2023)

Training Specialist, Rosetta Stone

Shannon Dycus (2023)

Dean of Students, Eastern Mennonite University

Shonta Sellers (2021)

Communications and Marketing Manager,
James Madison University

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