Our Philosophy

Building a world where all youth are on the road to realizing their promise.

We know each of our young people has something extraordinary to give to the world and that’s why we’re so dedicated to this work: Because we see so much promise in our youth and we want to help them see it in themselves, too.

​By partnering with local schools, we offer programs on school grounds after the final bell rings. Four days a week, our team of Youth Leaders and amazing volunteers provide unique educational opportunities and hands-on career experiences to middle and high-school youth in our community so that our youth can learn more about themselves and the possibilities available to them.


Create a welcoming and inclusive culture

Our work begins by eliminating barriers, which is why our programs are free, held on school grounds, and open to any student who wants to participate. We also provide transportation home to all youth so that transportation never gets in the way. But most importantly, we want youth to feel like they belong. By building a culture where everyone can show up as themselves, we can work with every youth to help them define a unique path for their future and an individualized plan to help them get there. Because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Three student friends smiling for the camera.
On the Road teacher poses for a photo with 3 On the Road youths

Build authentic connections and trusting adult relationships

Everything we do is based on building true, authentic relationships, which is why our Youth Leaders spend quality time with each member in their group and why we strive to make each of our youth feel cared for and supported. Because of our relationship-centered approach, our youth are more likely to stay involved with On the Road and more likely to challenge themselves within our programs, which means our work can have a bigger impact.


We want to help our youth grow in ways that will carry them throughout their lives, which is why we focus not only on academics, but life skills, too. In addition to academic support, including designated homework and tutoring hours where youth can work in groups or one-on-one with Youth Leaders, we offer programs that focus on personal development, success skills, community building, and future planning.

Young students reading at their desks.
Student in a mock trial.

Empower our youth to live meaningful lives

Our work is about guiding and supporting our youth toward an awareness of their abilities, interests, and skills. By giving them hands-on learning opportunities and exposing them to positive role models who believe in them, our youth learn to believe in themselves. While spending time with our youth is the thing we love most, what we truly hope for them is that they leave us at the end of their high-school career feeling empowered to make their own decisions and go after their biggest goals. Because we don’t believe in surface-level impact.

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