Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your programs held?

We currently hold programs at Thomas Harrison Middle School, Skyline Middle School, and Harrisonburg High School in Harrisonburg City, and Kate Collins Middle School and Waynesboro High School in Waynesboro City. You can learn more about our programs here.

Can my child participate in your programs?

If your child is a student at one of our program sites, then yes! There are no other qualifications for being a youth in our programs, other than the willingness to learn alongside our amazing team.

What is the attendance policy for your programs?

We believe it’s important for youth to attend consistently throughout the school year because, much like school, regular attendance is an important part of success. Therefore, our youth must attend on average at least 2 program days per week to remain in the program.

Is transportation provided?

We are committed to ensuring transportation is provided home for all our programs so that transportation never gets in the way of participation. Typically, we partner with our schools to arrange for bus transportation home.

However, in recent years, mainly due to bus driver shortages, we have had to find alternative transportation methods at times, including van transportation provided by On the Road approved drivers. A parent, guardian, or other authorized adult may also pick up a youth when program ends. We encourage you to contact us to find out more about the transportation option(s) for your particular program site.

What are the costs of your programs?

Our programs have always been free because we want our programs to be as inclusive as possible, which means eliminating barriers to opportunity. To help maintain quality programs free-of-charge, we rely on the support of amazing donors; if you’re interested in donating to our mission, you can do so here.

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