OTRC Program Coordinator Named Next Gen Afterschool Leader

photo of emani morse

The National Afterschool Association has named Emani Morse, OTRC Program Coordinator, a Next Gen Afterschool Leader. Emani has been with On the Road since October 2018 when she joined the team to lead our newly established program at Thomas Harrison Middle School.

Congratulations, Emani, on this special and well deserved recognition!

“I am most proud to be an active part of the expansion of On the Road Collaborative and its incredible mission—empowering young people to fulfill their promise. In the numerous Career Enrichment classes offered in our programming, I have seen students who were unsure of themselves flourish to become charismatic, accomplished student leaders. Students who would be unwilling to give speak up in traditional classes are now continuously surprising me by volunteering to give presentations on what they have learned and sharing thoughts of their future beyond middle school. I am honored to provide opportunities for growth through programming that acknowledges and accommodates the unique diversity of Harrisonburg. My work with OTRC has provided an avenue in which youth can showcase their newly found courage in an environment that encourages them.

It has been incredible to see my efforts to collaborate and synergize with others being matched with actions of support from community members, school faculty, and students. In my work with OTRC, we have built a cooperative with Thomas Harrison Middle School in which administrators, teachers, and families strive to provide the most enriched setting for each student to be supported in their learning.

This is followed up with countless volunteer hours community members invest in our youth by offering unique stories and expertise about their professions through Career Enrichment classes. The outreach conducted by myself and my team is building OTRC up to be a connector and allows for people from the community to touch the lives of students. Finally, the students illustrate the impact with heightened enrollment and participation; seeing them pursue the program and show up is the biggest acknowledgment of my efforts.

Through my programming with OTRC, I strive to be a resource to my students by helping them to strategize how to achieve their aspirations while considering their impact on the community. My efforts are focused on building an environment where students feel safe to connect with caring adults, explore numerous learning opportunities and dive deeper into their passions. Overall, I hope to cultivate many cohorts of dynamic, compassionate beings who have the self-efficacy to excel in their own unique way.”
– Emani Morse

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