Career Enrichment Courses

Empowering youth with a clearer understanding of their interests, skills, and future pathways.

Our Career Enrichment Courses are our unique, 10-week long programs that expose youth to hands-on learning experiences taught by our Community Teachers. Through a carefully developed curriculum and the instruction of caring professionals, these courses empower our youth with a clearer understanding of their professional interests and the steps they need to take to find a fulfilling career.

What Makes our Career
Enrichment Courses Unique

Courses are 10 weeks long.

Unlike many career fairs or other workshops that are just a one-time experience, our Career Enrichment Courses are 10 weeks long. During this time, youth meet one afternoon per week to get an in-depth, hands-on learning experience about a specific career and figure out if they are interested in that profession. And with around 30 classes offered each semester, including classes on banking, healthcare, and cooking, our youth have a range of options and can choose courses that interest them.

They all include hands-on learning and workforce skills.

Career Enrichment classes are led by local professionals and are designed to be interactive and hands-on so that youth are engaged and able to apply their learning. So, if students are learning about music production, then someone with experience in the field is teaching the course and our youth are given access to recording equipment so they can actually produce a song! Youth also have many opportunities to practice critical workforce skills, including oral communication and teamwork, that will help them succeed in the future.

Youth get to take a field trip in every course.

Every Career Enrichment Course has the opportunity to take a field trip to extend the learning beyond the classroom and into a real-world environment. Youth have visited construction sites, restaurants, music studios, airports, and many more places in our area, helping them to experience local resources and be more directly immersed in the local community.

Courses conclude with a Learning Showcase.

Career Enrichment classes culminate with a Learning Showcase where youth have an opportunity to teach back what they have learned through an authentic product, performance, or presentation. Our youth have done everything from hosting a mock Veterinarian Clinic to arguing a MockTrial in the Circuit Courthouse! Our guests always leave blown away by what our youth have learned and accomplished!

Have 75 minutes a week to help us change lives?

Become a Community Teacher

Help empower our next generation of leaders by sharing your passion with middle- and high-school youth and introducing them to your profession!

Jeff Peake teaches On the Road youth about fishing

“On the Road Collaborative meets a great need by providing services and support for our community’s youth. As a Community Teacher since its inception, it brings me great joy to work with my students, teaching them life skills, and providing them with rich and engaging experiences that will have a memorable and lasting impact.”

— Jeff Peake

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Check out some of the careers and projects our youth have had the chance to explore during their courses!

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