We focus on real-world skills so our youth can be the leaders they’re meant to be.

While we know excelling in school is important, we don’t think the story ends there, which is why, unlike many other after-school programs, we focus on more than just academics.

When our youth begin their journey with On the Road, many of them not only feel behind in school, but are also struggling with feeling hopeless about their future. After being underserved and marginalized for so long, these youth have started to believe the story that they just aren’t worthy of a bright future.

And that’s why our work starts there.

We believe our work is really about helping youth feel supported, so we focus on getting to know them as individuals first.

Youth leader and student in school hallway.

In addition to offering academic support, we also work on helping our youth develop real-world skills, including discovering their individual voices, investigating their interests and skills, building healthy team dynamics, and planning for their unique path toward success. Because if we show up and meet young people where they are, we can help them see all the places they’re capable of going.

This focus on personal and professional development helps ensure that our youth leave us at the end of their high-school career feeling empowered, able to make wise decisions about their future, and excited to go confidently after their biggest goals, knowing that they have what it takes to achieve them. Because we know they already do.

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