Spring '22 Learning Showcase

One of the key aspects of our mission are our Career Enrichment Courses, which expose youth to hands-on learning experiences taught by our Community Teachers. 

Unlike many career fairs or other workshops that are just a one-time experience, our Career Enrichment Courses are 10 weeks long. During this time, youth meet one afternoon per week to get an in-depth, hands-on learning experience about a specific career and figure out if they are interested in that profession. Through a carefully developed curriculum and the instruction of caring professionals, these courses empower our youth with a clearer understanding of their interests, skills, and future pathways.

And with around 30 classes offered each semester, including classes on healthcare and cooking, our youth have a range of options and can choose courses that interest them.

At the end of every semester, our youth get the opportunity to teach back what they’ve learned during their courses through an authentic product, performance, or presentation—and today, we wanted to give you a sneak peek!


As we wrap up another amazing semester of learning opportunities for local youth, we wanted to take you along to one of our Learning Showcases and give you a look at what our youth have been working on this semester, starting with our Career Enrichment course on what it takes to become a teacher!

This course culminated with youth creating a box that showcased their interests and what they learned, and then they got the chance to share it with their family and friends. 

Our youth also got the chance to show off their soccer and cooking skills during their learning showcase!

Youth getting ready to serve a meal to their family and showcase the cooking skills they learning during Emerging Chefs.

Youth got the chance to play soccer and learn new skills with the JMU Soccer Team this semester, and then they got to play a game with their family and friends cheering them on!

Our VOICES Club got a chance to share their final portfolio of writings. 

VOICES offers English Language Learners and Newcomers a safe space to increase their English literacy while developing an interest in reading and writing through hands-on tutoring, group discussions, and creative composition assignments, 

Youth in our SPCA course got the chance to show off what they learned (and visit with Winston!); youth in our Senior Living course got to teach back what they learned; and our Harrisonburg Parks & Rec participants got to share everything they learned thanks to our amazing Community Teacher. 

Youth from our SPCA Career Enrichment Course visiting with Winston and sharing what they learned during the semester.

Youth sharing their final project from their Super Senior Living course, which exposed students to all of the possible career opportunities available in the senior living business.

Youth visiting with our Community Teacher from our Parks & Rec program and sharing with their families what they learned this semester.

In addition to our Learning Showcases, we also recently hosted our Mock Trial!

Our Mock Trial Career Enrichment Course exposes youth to a variety of professional roles in the legal field, while also providing opportunities to practice public speaking. And every semester, we conclude the course by holding a mock trial at the Rockingham County Courthouse!

It’s always so amazing to see the youth bring everything they learned to this culminating experience and watch them shine in their roles! 

We are incredibly grateful to all of our Community Teachers who volunteered with us and made a positive impact on our youth this semester. And to our wonderful supporters who help bring these life-changing experiences to our youth every semester. This work is only possible because of each of you.