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While we’re often encouraging our youth to think long-term, we also know how important academics are to their growth and understand that school is the first place to practice lifelong skills. This is why we also provide tutoring and help with homework as part of our programs, because well-rounded growth is our goal.

Each day at On the Road starts with homework, reading, and study time. During this time, youth have the opportunity to get help from school-day teachers and Academic Coaches so that they can receive one-on-one guidance and continue to advance in their academics.

“On the Road was the thing I looked forward to most during my week. I was instantly welcomed into the program by the staff and students. I know I was supposed to impact the students, and I do believe that I did, but they will never know how much they truly impacted me.”

— Teresa, On the Road Academic Coach


Our Academic Coaches have the opportunity to build relationships with some incredible youth, while helping them with their school work and encouraging their learning and development.

Interested in becoming an Academic Coach? Here’s what you need to know:

Academic Coaches must:


Be available one afternoon per week (between Mondays – Thursdays) from 3:00-4:00 p.m or 3:30-4:30 p.m.


Commit to at least 1 semester.


Be able to provide your own transportation to Skyline Middle School, Thomas Harrison Middle School, or Harrisonburg High School.

Specific Responsibilities Include:


Assist youth on daily homework, reading, and other school projects.


Develop mentor-like relationships with small groups of youth that lead to their growth as learners and leaders.


Be a champion and advocate for our youth and program in your networks and the community.

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